Grace Goodson-Witcher

Lifestyle and Fashion Visionary, Consultant, and Brand Marketing in Los Angeles, California

Grace Goodson-Witcher

Lifestyle and Fashion Visionary, Consultant, and Brand Marketing in Los Angeles, California

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Greetings fellow dream chasers, I’m a Lifestyle, Wellness and Fashion Visionary living in Los Angeles, California. I am a fan of entrepreneurship, travel, (Jamaica, my home away from home) and innovation. I’m also interested in Spiritual Wellness and Holistic Living, Vintage Boho Chic!

Currently my passion for Fashion and Wellness has taken a major shift from consumption " got to have the latest greatest thing" to " what can I focus on that is doing good in the world of fashion and wellness?"

Well, less is MORE! ( hello yard sale) not buying the latest thing, but the right thing, or recycling and repurposing, DOING more of the right thing, to giving more and receiving less.

The chase is for what makes us feel good inside and out, right?

And since I've been chasing fashion and wellness for 30 plus years, from professional model, runway coach, vintage shop keeper and collector, to corporate stylist for Fortune 500 companies, creating looks that are aspirational and timeless. And as a prayer warrior and former athlete who strives to live a life of wellness through spiritual meditation, fitness, dietary and supplementing my needs for daily growth and creative inspiration and sharing that fashion and wellness knowledge with others.

We are all individually made and what works for me may not work for you, but my hope is we all find our peace in this world and the next and become champions for good.

I may just be talking about myself here, but I'm ready for a shift, to live a more purposeful and prosperous life.

Cannabis-Infused Dining by Ph.G. A mindful experience to feed the soul and get people back in the kitchen with family and friends, or at one of our private gatherings, locally and abroad, by creating meals and memories to last a lifetime. Food and conversation, what a noble concept.

Ph.G is our CBD infused wellness line of topicals that provide relief from chronic pain and inflammation using organic herbs and ancient secret formulas from around the globe. We see people choosing wellness as the New Normal for restoring wellness within.

Our purpose is to help restore wellness within.

We will create a new, innovative and functional Hemp Resort Line featuring caftans, swimwear, sarongs and headwraps.

Our corporate responsibility with a percentage of our sales, is to reform those hardest hit by the war on drugs in communities of color. Did you know the war on drugs is the new Jim Crow? We envision new policies and action for human rights.

Will you join us?

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