I believe in GOD'S HOLY word!!! I do not live by a man's doctrine, I live by God's. I want to be able to uplift and encourage stay at home and homeschooling Moms. I want to be encouraging to women that are trying to live a Godly life. So here on this blog I will simply and Gracefully be me! I will give you my thoughts and ideas on what God is showing me that I need to do, to draw closer to Him. To shine HIS glory and not mine.
I am not writing to convert anyone at all! I am just sharing what God has shown me that I need to change in my life. I pray that maybe something you read will inspire you, or help you on your individual walk with the Lord! For we all have our own individual walk, and no one can ever draw to close to God! We just all do it at our own pace and in our own way. Blessings to you!