Grace Glavin

Operating with over 30 years of experience, Grace Glavin provides legal guidance in estate planning, probate matters, family law, real estate transactions and holdings, divorce settlements, and immigration issues. She represents clients who require legal assistance with fiduciary concerns that include estate administration, using her formidable knowledge and expertise to help clients navigate through complex negotiations, mediation, or litigation.

In the area of estate planning and probate matters, Grace Glavin assists clients with wills, trusts, gifting assets, durable power of attorney, creditor/debtor issues, and real property titles, among many other services. Family law and divorce present legal obstacles that may involve clients emotionally as well as financially. Ms. Glavin uses her interpersonal skills and clear communication to make sure that each client understands his or her rights and options. She works diligently to facilitate adoption specifics, child custody issues, separation agreements, divorce proceedings, and property distribution. Utilizing a background in title and mortgage administration, Grace Glavin handles title and leasing disputes as well as breach of contract issues, landlord/tenant disputes, financing agreements, and commercial real estate transactions.

Her insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each case lets her pursue the best course of action, from arbitration to court orders and litigation. Currently, Grace Glavin holds memberships with a number of professional organizations, including the New York and Florida State Bar Associations as well as the Central Florida Real Estate Council and the National Association of Mortgage Brokers. Apart from serving the community in legal matters, Ms. Glavin involves herself with the Girl Scouts of America and local senior centers. In her free time, she enjoys riding horses and attending equestrian events.