Vanessa Grace

Vanessa Grace graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a degree in journalism and media studies with an emphasis in integrated marketing communications and a minor in communication. She is studying Theology at John Paul the Great University and is working towards a Master’s in Biblical Theology. Grace has completed 34 hours of continuing education on Theology of the Body with Katrina Zeno, coordinator and speaker for the John Paul II Resource Center in Phoenix, AZ.

According to Theology of te Body, the rupture between God and us, us and others, nature and humanity and within ourselves is caused by orginial sin. Through the Grace of Chirst, we can regain our connection with God. Through the Holy Spirit, we can receive healing in all aspects of our lives when we allow Him to work and heal our minds.

B.E.S.T. helps us discover our negative subconsious thoughts and memories that prevent us from living out Philippians 4:8. Once we update our nuerology to the present moment, we can take the information we've learned and pray for complete healing and forgiveness.