Grace Kutney

Consultant and Mother in Neenah, Wisconsin

Grace Kutney

Consultant and Mother in Neenah, Wisconsin

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Woman of faith, wife, mom, career advisor, makeup fan, techie. Where the profound & mundane meet for coffee. For career advice pls follow me @sweetcareers on Twitter.

Born in the Philippines and raised near Vancouver, Canada, I moved to the Fox Valley of Wisconsin in 2001 to join Career Services at Lawrence University. I’ve been blessed with opportunities to combine my passions: career counseling, education, and technology. I provide personalized, dynamic career assistance to help young professionals find meaningful careers.

Now a full time mom, I spend much of my time with my two young sons, while operating Sweet Careers Consulting and working part time at LU Career Services. I started Sweet Careers because I love helping young professionals, and because I realize that making the transition from student to pro is not always easy.

My approach to career development:
I believe career development is a life-long process and that we are active agents of that process. I see myself as an educator, teaching others how to navigate the career development process.

My approach to career counseling:
I’m not a career development guru, rock star, ninja, expert or maven. Sweet Careers isn’t about my career, it’s about yours. My job is:

to act as a mirror, reflecting back to you the experience, talents and abilities that you already possess, and helping you communicate them to prospective employers

to help you identify any gaps that may exist in your skills and help you find practical ways to address those gaps

to be your cheerleader when you’re wondering if you’ll ever find a job

to challenge you to find your passion and explore opportunities outside your comfort zone so you can find a career that excites you

About the company name:
“Sweet” is actually my nickname – my family and closest friends have called me Sweet, short for Sweetheart, for as long as I can remember!

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