Loraine Grace

Writer, Small Business Owner, and Public Speaker in New Zealand

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Colour Consultant Specialising in Therapeutic Applications of colour.

Loraine has a lifetime of experience in tuning colour to specific environments for healing, stimulation, comfort or relaxation.

Loraine is also one of the world's few Level 4 Aura-Soma Practitioners qualified to use colour and the living energies of herbs, essential oils, gems and crystals that are specially colour-coded to bring harmony and balance to your aura and energy centres.

Her practical application of colour supports you towards greater well-being and self-awareness.

With an eye and a heart for colour; living in New Zealand, but expanding to embrace the whole colourful world. I am intuitive in a practical, down to earth way that deals with life's day-to-day issues with ease. I would love you to check out my blog and add your comments and thoughts.