Grace Marlin

Welcome! Thank you for stopping by my page! Briefly about myself: I am an undergraduate student at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. Although I spend a large amount of my time studying and learning ever-so-interesting information, I have some outside interests. I am accumulating a library, so I spend a lot of my time around books. I love them - almost any kind of book can capture my interest. I also love to exercise. I've recently taken up running, and am training for Bay to Breakers 2012. Essentially, my life consists of studying, drinking really good coffee, musing about random subjects, exercising, and dreaming about horseback riding. I also love adventures, so my bucket list is always growing: riding motorcycles, gaining my skydiving certification, traveling the world, SCUBA diving, and drinking coffee from around the world in the location that it was grown at. Who knows what it'll be tomorrow!