Grace Robinson

Im totally in love with ant+dec


I hum or say 'lalala' when I get nervous

I love being weird I talk to myself when I get angry, either that or I scream and throw things:p

I eat like a pig

I love having cuddles, they make me happy

I cry over stupid things and I get hurt really easily

I secretly like to play on the sims

Monster drinks make me sick but i love them

I like watching WWE in my spare time

I couldn't live without my mum, no matter how much we argue, she means the world to me

The :L face is fucking annoying

Keith lemon is pretty awesome

I like cracking my fingers, BRING ON DA ARTHRITIS

Ke$has voice is sexy

I wanna be blonde but I dont wanna ruin my hair

I think scary films are funny

Christmas songs make me happy:-)

Spitting and smoking are disgusting's just adorabubble isnt he

And I love life really