Grace Peeples

Writer and Artist in Central City, Colorado

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Now, how too start this off. I’m simple, and I’m just like you. So being afraid of who you are is natural and I’ve been there. Now, being a social awkward geek at times I’ve even developed new hobbies that I didn’t think I would have before. Like most expressing myself through my clothing and other things. Funny story I cut 6” off and now my short hair just gives more confidence. I’m 5’9” and 13 and I believe I’m apart of something beautiful.

I’m a gender fluid bisexual individual, some may say I’m a little too young too know at this stage but I believe that me knowing is better than me wondering. I may not have the brain of Einstein but I do have enough intellect too know what I’m doing. XD

I have many interest actually, I play plenty of video games and I love cosplay with anime and Voltron. I absolutely love art and try too create my own digitally from time to time. Color schemes and figuring out personality traits for Oc’s is just something that puts a pep in step when I feel sorrowful or even when I feel happy at times. Maybe I’m just a little weird but it helps immensely with whatever emotion I have at the moment.

On another note, my video games interest include:

•life is strange (I haven’t played the second one yet :3)

• Call of duty Black ops 2

• Modern Warfare


•mostly any survival game

•Yandere Simulator aka. LoveSick

Along with those interest I’m the biggest fan of Voltron. I may not have merch or anything of that kind of thing, but I enjoy doing genderbent cosplays, different Au’s, and the lions from the show.

My name is Grace Peepels, and yes I know it’s a mighty weird last name. I’m quite estatic that you’ve read my page and having a connection with all of you would make me even more.