Grace Papas Rosacena

I'm the youngest daughter of Mrs. Cleofe Papas and Mr. Teotimo Rosacena. My mom was born in Leyte but grew up in Davao City. My dad was born in Bantayan Island Cebu but grew up in Bacolod City while Me and My Sister was born in Manila. I can speak and understand some of ilongo and cebuano's word. I graduated in Colegio De San Juan De letran last 2006 ( A.B Political Science), I took up my Masters in De La Salle University Manila- Masters in Marketing Communications (I graduated last Feb 2011). I'm a very adventurous person!! I want to travel around the world, I want to help my relatives financially and emotionally :) Faithful and romantic whenever I am commited to someone.. (I wish I could find that someone) I want to be a leader not just to be a follower! I'm a very good cooker(I can cook whatever kind of food), adviser(emotionally) and nurse (If you are sick and need Comfort) :P... I love to eat!!! I'm a catholic person by heart! I am member of LEGION OF MARY for more than 8 years.. I love to STUDY so much!!! :) and mostly I'M a sweet loving person! The girl who is always on the go! A candid lady who never fails to make people smile. I can easily turn your life upside down in a minute of conversation with me. A very down to earth person who has the heart of a child but with a brain of a strong woman. Not only blessed with beauty but with overflowing wits and practicality. With My convictions and principled straightened out, I will conquer My dreams! Truly one of God's masterpieces.