Grace Schalkwyk

At Gramercy Digital Strategy Advisors, we mix an entrepreneurial urge with a banker's nose for business models, a CFO's take on the numbers, and a CEO's ability to connect the dots and execute. With that experience we help companies with some or all of

business models that scale

the program to achieve scale

executing the program

management skills, critical path, prioritization, people issues

Business leaders are distracted, assaulted by numerous and constant draws on their time and energies. It's tough to be strategic with everything else that needs to be done. We're here to help.

Our sweet spot is technology and data-driven businesses. We are expert at recognizing ideas with commercial potential and have a track record for making them happen. We provide fixes for processes that aren't working well enough and introduce good business practices learned from well-run organizations. We are as hands-on as needed, while understanding that managing is about empowering people to succeed. Building a business is a joy.

Reach us by emailing me at [email protected], or calling +1.917.705.7412.