Grace Cox

Artist in Austell, Georgia

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horror/classic slasher related pins and patches (especially this set)

this lil fella

a jean jacket idk i just want one

this, this, or this

any steam/visa giftcards

i want money to actually make a good gaming computer because my current one is a crappy office pc so bleh


if you want to actually try to buy me something here's a list of things i like:

• horror
• bright and colourful stuff but also the same kind of style of the stuff in my closet aka fashionable grandma
• random accessories

• meat :)
• i love platform shoes and creepers and my shoe size is 7/7.5


if you really cant think of anything to buy me seriously just give me visa cards i'd prefer it much more than you wasting money on something i'll dislike and never use

fyi: click on the underlined words because they're links :)