Grace West

Denver, Colorado

"If you love someone you better let them know to take their time coming home. Feel the wheels as they roll. Let your lungs fill up with smoke. Forgive everyone." I am... -a theatre geek. -a DORK fan. -a shopaholic. -a coke addict. -a friend. -an artist. -a learner. -a teacher. -a commiter. -a hard worker. -a music freak. -a lover of fashion. -a volleyball player. -a make-up junkie. -a pretty girl. -an eater. -a florist. -a crazy gal. -a rocker. -a punk but chic. -a lover. -a hater. -a writer. -a singer. -a success. -a failure. -a prude. -a whore. -a bilinguist. -a dreamer. -a negative nancy. -an actress. -a techie. -a heart. -a star. -a pair of scissors. -a container of glue. -a jubilance. -a tragedy. -a partyer. -a party-pooper. -a fan. -an obsessionist. -a human. -a zombie. -an attention-seeker. -a loner. -an italian. -an american. -a daughter. -a sister. -a role model. -a seeker. -a runner. -a coach. -a pirate. -a ninja-urai. -a jealous person. -a cat owner. -a taurus. -a believer. -a reader. -a listener. -a talker. -a burrito?

  • Work
    • Grace West Studio
  • Education
    • J. K. Mullen High School
    • Studio Arts Center International
    • University of Denver
    • Full Sail University