Gracia Stephanie Tantono Putri

In 1986, Gracia was born in Bandung, Indonesia, from that moment, she's very keen to explore new challenges and opportunities in her life.

She completed her study and received Industrial Engineering Bachelor Degree at one of the telematics school in Indonesia.

She's a lover of life, of coffee, of sky, of beach, of beautiful things and believe in serendipity.

She's addicted of writing and has the habit of wandering on weekends.

She's a girl that your father warned you about, slowly but surely transforming into that woman you would be proud of and eventually, take home to meet him.

It's those bruises that make us never wanting to repeat the mistakes we've made.
It's those scars that make us remember that our past molds our future.
It's those choices we make that expose the 'true person inside each one of us.

Currently she's persistently trying to build her dream, although sometimes, she's being laughed at.

"A winner is a dreamer who never gives up."