Gracie Chan

I'm Gracie chan,I am currently working as an Analyst in an International Bank in the US.. I Graduated with a degree in Bachelor of science in Commerce Major in Business Management. I am a Kpop Addict, I am starting to learn how to speak korean language and learning to cook korean dishes and wanted to visit Korea one of these days. Dancing, cooking reading books and surfing the net are my hobbies. I love to read books that empowered my knowledge and improve my personality. I wrote reviews of some of the books that i red and post them on my blog, Http:// Spending time alone infront of my laptop is one of the time that is really precious to me, I can think and create. I love friends but I don't trust people easily. I do believe in good and bad Karma. CHOICE is very important to me, I do believe that in everything that we do we always have a choice whatever the outcome is we shouldn't blame somebody. we are always accountable for the result may it be good or bad, result are outcome of our Choices. I feel always blessed because I do have my family and friends around me, whatever challenges I may take now or in the future I know i will overcome it because I do have them around me.