Gracie Bocane

Student, Musician, and Artist in North Carolina

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I'm gracie and if you clicked this it means you follow one of my accounts! Congrats I'm rad!! Here's a little

✨about me:

-I'm bisexual so if u gotta problem with that bye!

-i love cats

-I do not care if you have a problem with what I post!!! Please do not comment on it!!

-I'm single as FUCK

-I love my friends alotta okay tuhey are all amazing and mean more to me than anything else in the world and I would take a tit punch for them

-my twitter is @lesmiserxbles

-my Instagram is @grxciella or @gaycie_

-my tumblr is @goosie2b

-I am a liberal :-)

- I have bad anxiety and clinical depression, and I'm addressing this because its important!!

-I love to talk, so if you ever have a problem, please, feel free to talk to me!!

-if we know each other IRL (in real life) and we aren't friends, please!! Be friends with me!! I am not intimidating!! I swear!!


-life is strange


-the 100

-doctor who


-harry potter

-LES MISERABLES!!!!!!!(my favorite thing ever tbh)


-phantom of the opera

-musical theater in general

-books!!(I.e. harry potter, twilight,the 100, honestly anything you can't think of)

-cats!! Animals in general

-equal right/activism


-gay stuff

That is all