Graciela Salgado


At 34, I'm a first time mom. Never in my young adult life did I think MOM would be part of my title. It's amazing. I finally know what happiness feels like. Originally from Chicago relocated to California. It's been extremely difficult to adapt but can you believe when I tell you I'm the happiest I've ever been. I may not go out like I use too, travel like I use too, eat and drink like I use too, shop like I use too, I may be in need of material things but the look in Bella's eyes is a look of love like nothing I’ve never experience or seen. She alone has held me together and has propelled me to be the strongest I've ever had to be. Before her, life was not worth living, then I found hope through her dad and once she was here… Well, Life is beautiful with her in it.

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    • Robert Morris College