Graciela Rivera Pereira

Graciela Rivera Pereira

Born and raised in SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO.

Always wanted to create something unique and significant to inspire and help the world. Graciela has been fanatic of the arts ever since she was very young. She danced ballet for 10 years, took acting, & even painting classes until she was 13 years old. It was there that she discovered her true passions, which would eventually create her direction towards her professional structure.

At the age 20, Graciela started a TV project with a friend, which is still in progress, about interviewing different puertorrican talents. She fell IN LOVE being the host of the program and especially, being in front of the camera, a feeling that's just quite the one that gives her butterflies every single time.

With this, she figured that to become successful, there needs to be a balance between what you love and what gives you economical stability. Nevertheless, she still looks for media exposure projects where she can share the things she loves, having others appreciate it, and even providing helpful tips and motivation.

Graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a Public Relations & Advertising mayor, entering her Masters Degree, and currently working as a Public Relations Coordinator at a Communications agency.

"Never forget to embrace your true passions, and always live gracefully."

-Graciela Rivera Pereira ♥