Gracie Linton

I'm just your average 14 year old girl that likes to hang out with my friends (and you might say this is weird but) i like to play of call of duty and halo.Some people say im girly but im not because i live in a farm house. Me my mom, step dad,my two little brothers,and sister. My friends say my faimly is big but family chooses you, you dont choose your family.As you see in the picture i am in cheer.Our tam name is Glitz.We are a competition cheer team. We got first place in our first competition and we have got first since then and the girls are not in the uniform are our coaches the blonde one is Alli andthe brunette is Hannah.I am thankful for the both of them if they wernt our coaches we probally would of gotten a lower place in the competition.

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    • The Krusty Crab
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    • Petrolia High School