Gracie Weaver

Student in Columbus, Ohio

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Hello! My name is Gracie and I am a student at Ohio State University!

My top 5 strengths are positivity, competition, includer, woo, and developer. When I took the StrengthsQuest, none of my top five themes really surprised me that much. I have always been known to be optimistic. Anyone who knows me also knows that I am an extremely competitive person and I do not like to lose at all. I live to help others and always see potential in people so that explains the develop theme. I also feel the need to always include others when participating in any sort of activity. However, the theme that best describes me is woo. Woo means you like to win people over and get to know them. I absolutely love meeting new people all the time, especially people that are different than me and I can learn from them. That is why college has been such a fun experience for me so far. This strength will be beneficial to me in the future because if I want to be a physical therapist, I need to be able to get to know all sorts of people and be able to develop a relationship with them.

My favorite Ohio State tradition after my first semester is the football games and the family feeling when every student comes together to hate the state of Michigan. I have been apart of rivalries in high school but nothing compares to the extent of which Ohio State hates those teams up north. I will never forget after the first home game and the singing of Carmen Ohio, when every member of the student section began singing We Don't Give a Damn for the Whole State of Michigan. Chills covered my body. I believe traditions are an extremely important part of college and those are where the best memories are made. Because of this, I give my best effort to try out every tradition at least once to possibly make memories that will last me a lifetime.

Working on time management was a main goal of mine for my first semester of college and I quickly realized just how important time management is. Filling out what we did with our time every hour for a week was very helpful in seeing how I spend my time and thinking of ways I could spend it better to be more efficient with my time. For example, if I spent a couple hours in the library I could get double the amount of work done than if I attempted to work in my dorm and because of that change in my schedule I could go to sleep earlier and wake up more refreshed the next day. Time management will be key to succeeding in college.

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