Gracy Lee

Consultant and Teacher in India

Gracy Lee

Consultant and Teacher in India

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Ms. Gracy Lee is a Corporate Trainer and a Motivational Speaker. Gracy believes “ Training is - LISTEN, LOOK, LEARN”. She is passionate about what she does. She has a strong domain knowledge and trains per the Industry requirement.

Gracy believes that Professionalism is the key to success and that faith opens all doors. She has faith in herself and thus has faith in what she delivers. She has a passion for continuous learning, innovative thinking and embraces efficiency.

With over 30 years of being in the Corporate field, and a demonstrated history of working in the Manufacturing, Hospitality and Services Industry, Gracy has the ability to understand, train, connect, share and motivate her participants – Gracy also has the ability to handhold her participants on their journey while they strive to reach their goal. Gracy has walked the talk.

Gracy has excellent communication skills, offers rich training, and carries a high level of professionalism, Empathy and Compassion.

Gracy’s core competencies include:

· Good Communication

· Positive

· Optimistic

· People’s Person

· Empathetic

· Team Player

· Adaptability

· Mentoring

· Self Disciplined

· Ethical

· Versatile

Her areas of Training expertise :

· Corporate Etiquette

· Decision Making

· Negotiation Skills

· Customer Service

· Planning and Prioritizing

· English Language Skills

· Leadership skills

· Time Management Skills

· Stress Management

· Motivational Skills

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