Graeme MacKay

Artist, Father, and Designer in Hamilton, Ontario

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Born in 1968, Graeme MacKay grew up in Dundas, Ontario, Canada.

While studying History and Political Science at the University of Ottawa he submitted cartoons to the student newspaper, The Fulcrum, and became the graphics editor.

After a 2 year working tour through Europe and North Africa he began submitting cartoons on a free lance basis and soon they were appearing in various newspapers including the Toronto Star, Chicago Tribune, and the Ottawa Citizen. His work caught the eye of editors at The Hamilton Spectator and in 1997, he was hired as a full-time editorial cartoonist.

Since then, his wit and biting cartoons have graced the pages of his hometown paper.

Besides creating five editorial cartoons per week for the Spectator, Graeme's work is nationally syndicated through Artizans. Through distribution his cartoons appear across the Internet and in newspapers, big and small, throughout Canada, and occasionally in the United States. He has been webmaster of his cartoon website since 2000.

A recipient of several awards, Graeme received a citation for excellence in 2013 from the United Nations Ranan Lurie international cartoon contest.

Graeme has lived in Hamilton, Ottawa, Toronto and London UK. He now resides in Hamilton, with his wife Wendi, and their daughters, Gillian and Jacqueline.