Graeme Boyce

Father, Project Manager, and Consultant in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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I was born in England (Preston) in 1960, moved to Quebec (Montreal) in '67 and Ontario (Whitby) in '73, where I went to Henry Street HS - while working first as a dishwasher at The Hatch House and as a busboy/waiter at the Holiday Inn (Oshawa) - and then WLU, graduating in '81 with a degree in Economics and History.

After a short stint at the Airport Holiday Inn (Toronto), I found myself in Bermuda for two years at The Elbow Beach Hotel, before returning to Toronto and landing a job as National News Editor at RPM Weekly (see blog), where I remained for four years, and then launched Raw Energy in 1989. Over the next ten years I oversaw the growth of this company, which produced and released over 50 albums into 23 territories around the world, but was eventually poached to launch a content-driven 'dot com' and then another - targeting the youth market - associated with a Chinese property development venture called TribeNation.

While at Raw Energy, in between producing music, videos, tours and t-shirts, in order to attract investors I wrote a business plan, the first of many (for myself and others), which introduced me to whole new crowd; in fact, a whole new industry. To "give back", I took a job teaching at the Trebas Institute in the late 90s and began to instruct young business managers the fine art of ramping a company, and in this time frame also launched Raw Energy Radio - which wasrecorded at John Walters' VCBN studios and streamed live, and held in archive. I wrote a business plan for VCBN based on the replication of our success and the need for personality-driven content online.

After helping sell VCBN to a group of investors in '99, I left Raw Energy to join the newly minted "The Iceberg" and where I hired many people and oversaw its successful launch. I left it in 2000 to find myself travelling between Toronto, Hong Kong and Shanghai working for Great Eagle. After launching TribeNation, over the next few years I wrote many business plans, given my newfound knowledge of exit strategies favoured by investors.

In 2010, alongside a group of like-minded friends, we launched Solamon Energy - travelling the world for 5 years, meeting leaders in over 20 countries, advocating the implementation of solar farms and trying to solve the energy crisis in their developing nations - and then Solamon Energy Storage.

Back home nowadays, I happily consult small to medium sized businesses in Toronto, and young (aspiring) entrepreneurs in a variety of industries.