Graeme Horton

British Columbia, Canada

I am a logical problem solver who likes to tackle the challenges which intimidate others. I like to find creative technological solutions that save time and money. I am community-minded, health and environmentally conscious. Wherever I am involved, I am determined to improve the processes and organization to give my team the best chance to succeed. I encourage my team to play to their strengths, resulting in stronger performance and more engaged members.

I was inspired to take on the challenge of an MBA because of my variety of past experiences: I served on a Finance Committee developing budgets and working to consensus, exercised entrepreneurship to start my own web design business and engaged in international service learning. Team building, working to consensus, and project management have all been developed in the process of working and volunteering in the community. I have helped a variety of organizations better align themselves with their goals. I have been intentional about keeping variety in my roles and being a well rounded leader rather than being a specialist, only having one function.

Another way I can describe myself is that I am a builder. I get excited about the opportunities to build anywhere within the organization whether it be building a brand, a clear marketing strategy, an employee engagement plan, operational efficiencies, logistical solutions, or purposeful way to delight customers. What makes me unique is that I can tackle any one of these challenges. I am more than willing to learn and hone some skills along the way and have proven time after time that I can learn and adapt faster than the other guy.

I am seeking opportunities to work closely with decision-makers and strong leaders. I know that by positioning myself in this way I can learn and grow more quickly. My goal is to gain many perspectives from within a business: Marketing, Operations, Logistics, Culture, etc. with overarching passion of becoming a strong leader with a well rounded perspective of the business as a whole. I strive to have a growth mindset, as to not limit myself to one area or believe that I cannot switch between areas of the business; instead, I take what I have learned in one area to make me a stronger leader in the next.

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