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Christopher Graeve, RE-build Properties


Chris Graeve is the Chief Executive Officer of RE-build Properties.

He has the overarching responsibility of leading the organization’s vision and long-term strategic growth into the national market.

RE-build Properties is positioned at the helm to lead the future of the fix and flip real estate industry, through an innovative model, strategic partnerships, and a team mindset that brings success for everyone involved.

Chris Graeve’s father has been in the real estate industry as a real estate broker for almost 40 years, and this has influenced Chris to dive into real estate projects at an early age.

Chris Graeve completed his first fix and flip project in college, and has gained extensive experience through starting several fix and flip businesses in his career.

Through Chris Graeve’s inventive approach, he is able to create successful 100 day average turnaround for his fix and flip projects and a minimum profit of at least 10%, while at the same time providing his investors, project managers and contractors on the field with true abundance and generosity.

Christopher Graeve also leads with pointing others to practice generosity and true abundance in their daily lives at both work and at in their lives. Chris Graeve believes that true abundance is found in Jesus Christ and creates and environment for others to practice true abundance in their lives as well.

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