Graffiti Characters

Iconic, Eye-catching Graffiti Characters Are Essential For Budding Street Artists written by: D E Bradley

Graffiti, street art, or whatever other name you want to give to it, is an important art form in urban environments across the world. This is seen large scale cities like New York, where huge canvases are created from brick and metal to offer the world vast masterpieces with a social or political message, but also in small towns where individuals try to make their presence known when they feel that they have something to say, or simply desire to be seen. The graffiti we see across our streets and buildings has evolved over the decades; some artists continue to stick to traditional tagging and crudely scrawled messages of rebellion and hope while others create art on a grander scale, to the point where it gets sold off for millions. At the heart of it all are graffiti characters, those eye-catching symbols, letters and cartoons that make a piece eye-catching and allow artists to expand their presence and their brand.

Stylish lettering and carefully considered initials will be the graffiti characters of choice for many street artists due to their history and personal touch.

Tagging and the basic art of leaving a personal mark in paint on a wall automatically leads to the desire to leave a signature or a name. It is something that kids and adults have done for centuries when leaving a taunt after a victory, scratching a name into a school desk, engraving initials into a tree and just simply saying “I was here”. If this can be refined into one or two well-crafted letters, you can create a personal symbol that is both admired by peers and passers-by and easily recognised the more often it is recreated.

Designing your own lettering and trademark symbol is ideal for a quick tag in a prominent place or a signature hidden in a piece of work but graffiti characters in the form of lettering have another potential purpose if you can take a familiar typeface and use it to great effect. There are certain letters in certain designs and colours that provoke a reaction in the general public, such as a golden M, and this can open up new possibilities when choosing and adapting these sorts of characters for a deeper message. This is where stencilling can really have a big impact. The art of stencillin