Ali Fatih Yuce

Creative Director

Ali was born in 1986 in Istanbul, Kadir Has University, faculty of fine arts, graphic design, graduated from Department 3 Rd. Then the Golden Horn University of fine arts school, graphic design section, the areas of Visual Communication and Corporate Identity by branch, post-graduate continued his education here, by grade and achievement scholarship 1 Rd. finished.

Participated in many national and international competitions during the study period. At the same time that their companies still continue to "GrafiKral Produces Creative Design's" the creative director and the "NEFASET Print|Pack|Publish" as the general coordinator continues to work.

Workshops on various topics, and co-organized with social responsibility projects undertaken exhibitions. Designs of many academic publications, magazines, social media, and so on. areas was published, and interest...

Elected in 2010 between the Turkish Designers, Graphic Designers introduced to the world of Turkish 6 | TGT6 book is a part of the design and social responsibility projects were divided into 6 pages published in various journals. Through projects undertaken by many world-renowned designer had the opportunity to meet, share designs, and had the opportunity to criticize.

Grafist, GMK, and especially in DesignWeek Adobe Turkey, RYD and Design Chat application areas such as the design and participated in panel discussions and conferences / attending. At the same time, forward-thinking design and manufacturing continues to produce creative solutions to many domestic and foreign companies...