Grafton Law Office

Grafton Law Office

1125 12th Street, Suite A

Aurora, NE 68818 United States


Looming legal issues can be overwhelming and

extremely stressful, and attempting to rectify them without the counsel of a

qualified attorney may affect the outcome of your case. Grafton Law Office provides a wide range of legal services to

clients in Aurora and throughout Nebraska. This law office is able to represent

your interests in a variety of legal situations, including criminal defense,

estate planning, divorce, workers compensation, and personal injury. They also

provide business services, helping to make sure that your corporation or LLC is

properly registered and managed.They pride themselves on personalized service,

ensuring that each client receives prompt attention and timely representation

when they need it most. As a member of both the Nebraska Criminal Defense

Attorney Association and the Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys, Grafton

Law Office is highly qualified to represent your interests at reasonable rates

you can afford.When you have been charged with a crime, are going

through a divorce, or need a personal injury attorney to protect your rights,

you can depend on the knowledge and attention of Grafton Law Office to look after your best interests. Call (402) 694-6664 today to schedule an

appointment with a member of this committed team of legal professionals today.