Graham Dennis

This page is all about Graham Dennis, a 19-year-old lacrosse player in my English class. He was born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. In high school Graham played soccer, ice hockey and lacrosse. Graham enjoys hiking, playing sports and being outside. Graham’s family back home consists of two older brothers Max and Eli, and his Mom and Dad, Laura and Greg. Eli plays soccer at Penn State and max is studying law at University of Loyola of Maryland. Graham and his brother Max both are type 1 diabetics, which means they were born with this ailment and constantly have to monitor it. Back home, he is a sue chef at a local catering company and also waits tables. As a side job, he sells crabs to local restaurants off his boat. In the summer time Graham pretty much lives on the water. There will be days when he goes out at three in the morning to crab and will stay on the boat late into the afternoon. When he’s not hanging out with his friends on the boat or crabbing, he’s sailing with his friends. He enjoys being outside all the time. Graham plays lacrosse here at Shenandoah University and hopes to win a lot of games this spring. When Graham goes home this summer he will be hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail with his family for seven days. This is exciting for him because he gets to rock climb and try to survive with only a backpack for a week. At Shenandoah Graham is majoring in Kinesiology and Business. When he’s older he hopes to own his own sports restaurant/bar. After his dreams of becoming a restaurant owner come true he plans on retiring somewhere quiet on the water.