Graham Hutchinson

York, UK

Loves life, gadgets and geeky stuff. A Pentecostal preacher and church leader who likes running, and his bicycles. Blog at

I married Penny (who I still love lots and loads) in 1978 and I have two lovely grown-up daughters.

Penny and I live in the ancient city of York, which is such an interesting place to be. If you are ever in York come to the Elim Pentecostal Church, where I am the senior pastor, and say hello.

My friends have commented that I like gadgets. Others seemed to notice this before I did, but they are right, I do. I am interested in cleverly designed things.

It was Penny who first drew my attention to a habit of mine that I had not been aware of until she pointed it out. In shops I would often take things out of their boxes, dismantle them, reassemble them, return them to their boxes and place back on the display shelf. I had always thought of that as "just looking".

I like bicycles, reading, running, country walking, and more than could be listed here.

I do my best to follow Jesus. I do not believe in atheists - I don't believe they exist.