Graham Chivers

Designer, Project Manager, and Small Business Owner in Harvey Bank, New Brunswick, Canada

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Green Designer / Advanced Manufacturing

For the past 25 years, I have worked in Canada and USA in design and manufacturing to deliver products globally.

From large scale to one-of products, I can help you make your product green and greener!

I was first trained on the same design software as NASA used for its space program and many others since.

My first design workstation cost $250,000, now I can design on a $2,000 workstation. That is called innovation, it's was I do too. I make things better, or make things that are better than your competition.

I am an expert at applying new technology to address bigger challenges. I have working insights into advanced controls systems (AI's welcome), optimized manufacturing process, LEAN manufacturing.

I also posses executive experience, operations experience, project management experience, technical communication skills.

Together we can eliminate your competition.

I have a deep understanding of green, as doing more with less is a wise strategy. Design is a complex and there can be many opportunities for innovation. Sometimes an outside perspective delivers new strategies.

The design of any product is not the end of my green process, there are manufacturing considerations, investor meetings, project management, etc.. And when you think you are done there is marketing, packaging, shipping, quality,andTwitter.

Understanding how technology evolves is critical. Understanding how innovation impacts our global economy is a skilled perspective.

Watching companies fail at applying technology is also a specialty of mine, it's sad, but a reality of business. A poor plan will mostly lead to failure, getting a second opinion is wise.

Starting with a smart design can accomplish more than any single step in business can deliver. A smart green design can keep you leading your competition.

Remember, your customer is running the show, do your due diligence, act accordingly, profit and help our planet.