Graham Tiny

This site has been created so my son Sam and I can record what we do to create our website together. Sam is 7 years old and loves the Tiny Death Star game so I decided to show him how to create his own blog.

I have been a website designer since around 2011. Not so long ago my young son Samuel , 7 years old, has become slightly curious about what it is I do for a living. I remember that I was around 9 years old when I had my first encounter with computers and it was only because my dad also had an interest in them. Of course in those days it was the commodore and games aren't what they are today!

I thought to myself, maybe it would be good for him to begin now, and to add to this why not start off a blog about our journey together. My son, Sam, and myself are making a really easy website so that he can learn some basic stuff of how to put one together.

Most website in this day and age are done in Wordpress which is ok seeing as I used to be programming from a magazine about his age.

I wanted him to have the absolute best start, by maintaining his interest and he's been playing a game on my phone loads recently. The game is known as Tiny Death Star.

Right now I'm still trying to figure it out but we have made a start and sat down and went through what it is all about. So hopefully now I will be putting together a picture of what it is all about and now it is time to get started putting together the concept. We are doing quite well, the ideas are quite basic but you know, it's what he wishes so it is all it's cool.

Stay tuned in case you want to keep up with where we're up to!