Graham Alexander

Graham has been intricately involved in the building industry for over thirty years, informing and learning from the industry. He has passionately pioneered the principle of calculating building costs correctly.


After growing up in a construction industry family, Graham noticed at an early age that calculating building costs in the residential sector was a hit or miss scenario based on scant information. The desire to correct this became his life’s passion and everything he has undertaken since revolves around this concept. His business purpose is second to his family, which is his compass.


Graham founded the company Buildaid in 1988 and it has been the vehicle for most of his endevours. Most personal references in this CV are in conjunction with Buildiad and includes partners and collegues that shared a common goal.

Software development

Graham helped pioneer computerised cost estimating in association with Brett Schachat & Associates; the technology was offered to the market but was way ahead of its time. Some of this technology is still too advanced and its importance not understood to this day.

The computerised cost estimating technology was linked to a CAD system in 1989, whereby quantities where generated automatically from a drawing. This was a world first.

Graham is presently involved with the development of advanced cutting edge systems and services that will be launched in 2016.


The Buildaid Building & Pricing Guide was the first book Buildaid published and now after 12 editions the publication is in its 23rd year and is used by most building contractors.

Graham has overseen the publishing of 31 books, on architecture and building technology including the best seller that features some of his architectural work, Made of Africa.


At a young age, Graham was a guest presenter at Wits University, offering students an overview of computers in construction technology; particularly with regard to calculating quantities and costs.

Spreading the concept took him across the country teaching emerging builder’s how to read drawings and price correctly. Many of his lectures were in the then homelands and often the classrooms were under trees or in a dusty factory. He will always salute IBM Projects Fund, The Small Business Development Corporation, Cashbuild and African Bank for their belief at the time and he has fond memories of working with the Soweto Builder’s Association in the nineteen eighties.

In the late 1990’s, Graham mana