Graham Fryatt

Erith, Greenwich, United Kingdom

Whereas all my friends got all their travelling and adventures out of their system when they were young and then settled down, I have now finished with " settling down " and have started my travelling and adventures. An Australian couple I meet explained to me the Aussie view of SKI'ng ( Spending the Kids Inheritance ) and, although my sons aren't too impressed, I have taken this concept on board wholeheartedly!! There are a lot of hackneyed phrases out there like " life is for living " and " you are a long time dead " which are maybe used to justify a more selfish approach to life, but nonetheless I do believe that by being happy, you can make anyone you meet happy too, which I think is pretty cool. I guess my epiphany was taking part in a Tony Robbins Weekend Event, which was pretty mindblowing!! ( Unleash the Giant Within; Wake the Dragon or some equally inspiring metaphor). He proved, by methods such as walking on burning coals, that you can do whatever you want, the only limitations are those you set yourself. Corny I know, but I came out of that a changed man!! And my life has certainly changed since then, from trekking through dramatic scenery to getting a dramatic divorce, I realise that everything happens for a positive reason, even though it may not appear so at the time ( The Secret and The Law of Attraction rules!! ). I share my house with my three great sons and a smelly black dog!!, who all keep me focused on what really matters in life ( as far as the dog is concerned that's eating and sleeping ), and I'm looking forward to my life now being one Great Adventure which can be from something as simple as a smile to trekking to Everest Base Camp to raise money for UCLH. You might notice that not only do I enjoy Rambling ( as in walking ), I also can't stop rambling when I am writing or talking!!

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