Graham Eason Nolan

Graham Eason Nolan

Raised in Lorain, OH and based in Hell's Kitchen. (My heart, however, has permanent residence in Chicago.)

Professionally, I'm a vice president of marketing communications at Starcom USA.

Artistically, I'm an alleged comedy writer, improv actor and soon-to-be stand-up comic. (Just you watch.)

Geographically, work and play have taken me to Austin, Denver, Beijing, Melbourne, Sydney, San Antonio, Acapulco, Miami, North Port, San Francsico, Hilton Head, Greensborough, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Columbus, London, Madrid, Cincinatti, Beaver and Des Moines.

Ethnically, I'm half-Irish and half-Mexican. Thanks, Dad. Gracias, Madre.

Socially, I'm a karaoke obsessive, a volleyball enthusiast, and a co-founder of Chicago's own Wreckathlon pub crawl. I will dance 'til I sweat every time I've given the opportunity. I am also a huge fan of comic books, tattoos, spy fiction and wearing black clothes. Oh, and my friends are the best ever.