Graham Rickenbaker

Los Angeles, CA

Graham Rickenbaker has diverse professional experience, including fields such as health and fitness, life coaching, and executive consulting. Early in his career, Graham Rickenbaker joined Club Sport in Dublin, California, as a personal trainer. In that position, he developed individualized training programs that incorporated physical exercise and dietary changes. He worked directly with his clients, providing advice and motivational support to help them improve their overall health and well-being. Graham Rickenbaker subsequently relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he offered consulting services to local business executives in regard to entertaining important clients visiting from out of town. By facilitating seamless contacts with the visiting professionals, Graham Rickenbaker helped his clients strengthen business relationships and develop new business opportunities.

Graham Rickenbaker established his career in New York City as a fitness coach and is now serving clients on both coasts and throughout the mid-west. Serving a sophisticated clientele of business executives, his coaching services focus on helping clients navigate career changes and develop a renewed sense of contentment and youthfulness. Past clients of Mr. Rickenbaker have worked in a variety of industries, including fashion design, law, and health care. In addition to his work as a fitness coach, he continues to remain active as a personal trainer. Recently working with an executive in the health care industry in New York, he helped his client lose roughly 150 pounds in 18 months.

Raised in California, Graham Rickenbaker graduated from Redwood Christian High School in San Lorenzo. During his school years, he participated on a number of sports teams and notably earned a sports scholarship. He went on to study physiology and English literature at Saint Mary's College, completing his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. Graham RIckenbaker most recently has established his practice in Los Angeles, California, but continues to serve clients in New York, Las Vegas and the midwest, as well.