Graham Sullivan

My name is Graham Sullivan. I am 19 years old and like the following things:

1. Long walks on the beach with my lover

2. Pink Ponies

3. The way the colour of my eyes match my shirt selections

4. The way my heart beats fast when I see my lover Oprah on the televesion

5. Reading books and cuddling up in my snuggie with my four kitty cats and my stuffed zebra

6. Picking my nose and flicking them at unsuspecting victims

Alright... enough of the jokes.

In all seriousness, I'm a laid back guy, a leader, and a man on a mission. From the beginning I was the young guy trying to figure out a way out of the corn maze using logic and strategy rather than aimlessly walking around until I wouldn't run into stalks of corn any longer. Like most people I have dreams and goals and work hard to achieve them. When I was growing up I watched my sister learn how to fly small Cessna 172's while my dad taught her. I was continually invited to go up with them and fly around Vancouver Island and finally gave in. During this extraneous feit I ended up puking all over the cockpit and adding a very nice scent to the already compact airplane. It was because of this dandy day that I decided I would be best fit to be a sailor. I began to take sailing lessons at the local marina and before I knew it I found a passion. I took charge of this and obtained my Yachtmaster and Coastal Navigator certification and was teaching courses to the public. I had heard about a program called West Island College International Class Afloat and was interested in what it was all about. Sure enough a few months later I flew to Norway to embark on what would be the most incredible journey of my life. Defining who I had always wanted to become. I travelled over 16,000 nautical miles through seas as high as 25ft, squalls that blew wind over 70 knots, and had the opportunity to see nearly half of the world. Travelling throughout Northern, Western and Southern European cities along the Meditteranean, taking a camel trip through the Sahara Desert in Morocco and Algeria, Volunteering at Christmas in Senegal in a small village called SOS Louga, sailing across the Atlantic twice, walking in the Amazin River, seeing the Carribbean before sailing back to Europe to disembark in Malta.

For me achievements cannot always be defined by what the opportunity entailed but by how much was taken out of an expierence.

This is my life.