Graham Taylor

head of Marquis Holdings Group in San Francisco, California

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Graham R. Taylor serves as a strategic international corporate advisor with more than 30 years of experience. Graham R. Taylor primarily assists corporations in new market entry, high net worth individuals, and entrepreneurs with market expansion, asset diversification and deployment, and strategies to attain long-term goals. The enterprise models Graham R. Taylor has developed often include transnational business structures employing complex investment and financial (including derivatives) strategies. At Marquis Holdings Group, Graham R. Taylor collaborates with a roster of international investment and financial experts. His firm bolsters clients’ efforts, secures contracts, and develops innovative private equity, hedge, and venture capital funds. Overall, Graham R. Taylor strives to create “best of breed” financial and investment structures to accommodate clients and develop new products that redefine traditional markets. Currently based in San Francisco and in Sydney, Australia, Graham R. Taylor’s firm caters to cutting-edge industries, such as renewable energies and pharmaceutical research, as well as the Internet sector, software firms, telecommunications companies, and manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. The firm’s services include advice on product liability, business development, sales and marketing, corporate structuring, human resources strategy, and strategic reviews. To meet clients’ needs, Taylor and the Marquis team partner with other professionals who are all world best in their expertise or geographic areas. Graham R. Taylor has an extensive background in business, accounting, and law, though no longer practicing. He received two Bachelor’s degrees from The University of New South Wales and UNSW’s Faculty of Law in 1975, as well as earning an advanced law degree from Yale Law School in 1978. During his free time, Taylor enjoys skiing, surfing, motorcycles, and golf.

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    • UNSW Faculty of Law