Graham Henderson

Graham W. Henderson is an actor working in the Chicagoland area. Born in Denver, CO, Graham was never a stranger to performance arts - his mother is a working artist in sculpture, and his father is an actor and musician. As a skilled guitarist and songwriter himself, Graham began his performance career as a lead guitarist and vocalist in the bands Starbeast and The Berets. While attending Loyola University Chicago, Graham discovered his talents in acting. At Loyola Graham found himself in countless acting courses, including Acting Theories and Techniques (I and II), Advanced Acting, Voice & Diction, and Movement for Actors. He also had the opportunity to perform in Loyola's Mainstage productions of A Streetcar Named Desire (Stanley), and Tartuffe (Tartuffe). Since graduating from Loyola University Chicago in 2013, Graham has been continuing his acting training at the Second City Training Center as a student in both the Conservatory Program and Music Program. He has also found work as a model in various venues, including Chicago Fashion Week and on a televised spot for Taiyom on WGN. In his free time, Graham enjoys playing guitar, writing, and making funny faces at his dog, Minnie.