Grainne Maycock

Globalization Strategist with 15 years experience within international Sales and Operations Management. Passionate about languages, technology and International Business. Love anything that helps connect people across the globe to achieve their business, revenue and professional goals. Have worked and lived in Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, France, China, Argentina and North America. Currently living in Dublin, Ireland (the Silicon Valley of Europe) but travel a lot to the Silicon Valley of California. Fluent in Spanish and French with English as my native language.

I work at helping companies succeed with their localization goals - operational, revenue, quality and cost. I specialise in helping companies grow globally through sales and operations expansion (into Europe, Latin America and across North America).

On the LSP side, I help companies grow sales teams and reveue and expand client portfolio's across Europe and the United States.

On the Client side, I help companies create and implement successful localization programs covering product localization, cost control, team management and motivation, cross functional programs, innovation, language quality and community management. Special interest in enterprise products and social media localisation platforms.

Regular industry speaker and board member and passionate about the globalization and localization industry and how it helps the world connect, sell and operate.

Skills and expertise include building and managing localisation teams at operations and Sales levels from the ground up, setting up new offices and locations for global organizations and implementing localization revenue and operational programs. Have Sales Management, Project Management, Strategic Management, Vendor Management, translation management, office and budget management expertise.

Education includes honours degree in Applied Languages, Higher Diploma in executive coaching and mentoring, Higher Diploma first class in Social Media Marketing plus courses in organization success including The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Entreprenuer fundamentals, Business Planning, Marketing, Market Research and Sales, Financial Management and Taxation and Goal setting.

I love to build teams, set goals and encourage success and innovation within the companies I work for and in 15+ years have never had 2 days the same yet :-)