Dr. Vadim Zaytsev

Professional skills: programming in Python, Haskell, Prolog, Java, C#, C++, C, Perl, Cobol, JavaScript, Assembly and other existing languages; automated and semi-automated transformations in ASF, TXL, XSLT, regexp and many others; modelling in UML, Ecore, SDL, Promela; sufficiently fluent English, Russian, German and Dutch; typesetting and layout in various versions and document classes of LaTeX; drawing in Inkscape, Illustrator and Paint Shop Pro; designing new domain-specific languages for programming, modelling, mark up, configuration, access, storage and transformation; performing extraction, transformation, convergence, recovery of formal grammars; creating syntax analysers on existing platforms like ANTLR, MetaEnvironment, TXL or without them; configuring, advertising and gardening of wiki-websites; teaching, managing, consulting and presentation skills.