Grams B. Osborne +

Atlanta, United States, China, & Lagos, Nigeria.

Born by Roli Hana and Elliot Ade OSBORNE in Lagos, Nigeria in the year 1955. Grams Bolaji Osborne has today grown up to be a one-man that can, and has moved nations and societies for a better tomorrow. His mother, father's mother and grandmother, are from the "Itsekiri tribe" of the Nigeria Delta states. Grown up as a much older handsom man, he cares for the Poor. He understands what it means to be poor & Great. "My life is one of the truest ultimate forms of Servant-ship & Transformational Leadership".

His mother is from the royal family of the KOKO-ITSEKIRI TRIBE; his father on the other hand, is a member of the legendary OSBORNE FAMILY OF Abeokuta, Lagos, and Oyo States of Nigeria. His father served as Senior Principal Shipping Officer of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) Lagos, during Nigeria Independence before retirement in the mid 70s as a senior civil servant.

During the above time period, Bolaji Osborne grew up at No. 4 Emota Street, Apapa, and Lagos next to Apapa Club in Nigeria; before the almighty God moved & used him to the U.S.A. to do great things.

As a young boy born arround silver spoon and gold plate that always shares his food with the poor, he grew up as a great social & business leader in the U.S.A; & as he grows much older man, he cared for, and understands what it means to be Poor & Great.

I say thank you! God Almighty

Degrees: P.hD (Law & Public Policy), M,Sc. General Counsuling, & B. Sc. (Management/ Marketing). Osborne is a proven and successful buisness leader,consultant & engineer with insights in over 300 categories of businesses across the world in areas of Manufacturing, Retail,& Service Industries with annual volumes of up 500 Million US dollars, and employing between 10 (Ten) through 5,000 employees.

As proven politician, civil rights & community leader, Grams Bolaji Osborne was the first and only African born from Nigeria to run for office & help changed Georgia & Atlanta. His campaign for Mayor City of Atlanta's, in 1996\97 helped lead to the expansion of the Atlanta's regional transportation mass transit system benefiting poor & middle-class citizens of Atlanta.

*As Nigerian's next president (2015), Nigeria's voice & needs shall be listen to with joy around the world; & with the world fearing not what may happen next.

G. Bolaji Osborne.

  • Work
    • Dean of Academic Affairs; & Management Engineer
  • Education
    • P.hD (Law & Public Policy).