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How To Get a Job When You Have No Experience

Every job posting seems to end the same way. “Experience necessary.” “Experience preferred.” Some of them even say, “5+ years’ experience.” Many recent graduates are facing the same conundrum: How do you get experience if you have never had a job? How do you get a job with no experience?

There are three ways to work around this dilemma. The first is to focus on things you have done and show how they translate into work experience. The second is to do more things to create more work experience. Finally you can get additional career training that specifically targets skills you need for the workplace.

Take some time to look back at summer jobs, volunteer work, clubs, and groups that you may have experience working with. While these skills often do not directly relate they can benefit you when it comes to the interview stage. A key is learning how to write your resume, and respond to the online application process for the company you are looking at in a way that gets you to the interview.

Ask family contacts, or friends already working for informational interviews. Many working professionals are willing to share their experiences and help young people get started in the field. They can give you direction on how to gain the necessary experience. Be sure to attend any job fairs and take advantage of career centers that your county maintains. Join professional organizations and network with as many people in your area of interest as possible. You never know who you might impress or who may provide that first job opportunity.

Another option is to find a training provider that has instructors who are not only great trainers, but also people with real World experience. In short, they are the professionals already working in the field that you wish to work in. They have the knowledge first hand of what it takes to get hired, advance in the career, and really thrive in that environment. In addition to being in the field you are interested in they have proved themselves to be great trainers, and can communicate to anyone the same kind of skills that you need to learn on the job in your new career.

If you are looking for low cost but high quality training consider Grand Cayman University. Their motto is distance education with a difference. That difference is that they offer courses written and taught by faculty that have that real World experience and knowledge that you need in order t