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When I first moved to Grande Prairie, AB I wasn't quite sure what to expect. The community was just on the verge of entering into it's second boom and numerous individuals we're starting to see a wealth of riches with income, homes and jobs. It was unheard of from our neck of the woods, having moved far away from Eastern Canada but we were set to take part in a journey that would forever change our lives.

The hardest part of moving to Alberta? getting your stuff across the country in one piece.

To many times as an organization we've been struggling with moving with local area movers. I can't count how many times on one hand I've hired someone only to have my things completely destroyed when they arrive. Thankfully we found the support of a wonderful company in Grande Prairie called Alberta Strong Movers.

Despite not being able to help us with our national move they were able to provide us with some incredible advice on what to expect on our journey and things we needed to take extra special care of before heading out.

It's hard sometimes to pack up all your belongings into a moving truck and not worry about whether you're stuff will make it but that's exactly what we did when we left the coast and made our way to Grande Prairie.

The moving company met our expectations but if it wasn't for some of the advice given to us from Alberta Strong Movers we probably would have seen a few things damaged in our move across country.

Today though we've been settled within the community and we're looking forward to seeing everything that Grande Prairie has to offer. We've read and seen numerous suggestions but like any city in Alberta it truly is what you make of it.

We're looking forward to sharing our time and experiences with everyone and we hope Grande Prairie is just as good to us as it's been to many of the people we've already met.

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