Yee Peng Kong KMN

I am an ex-ace crime reporter,senior journalist and first Executive Director of Master Builders Association Malaysia(MBAM) and ASEAN Constructors Federation(ACF) and ex-agent of Zamil Steel Buildings of Saudi Arabia.

Now I am on my last lap as Futurist + Visionary Thinker + InvestorInnovator+Kong Foundation /WISDOMMOUNTAIN FOUNDER + BLOGGER POET + Philosopher + Sacred Songwriter + News Leader+Global Network Strategist+New Deal Maker,etc...


I practise : "Sapere -aude!" ~ "Have courage to use your own understanding!"

My ultimate aim is to do my utmost best to build a lasting legacy based on 3Ms Vision - MAGNANIMITY MERITOCRACY MULTINATIONALITY where all can be the best they can and realize their full potential as enlightened human beings transcending time,space and mortality!!!

I focus on "A1 Omniwow999" Future Human Vision of Future Dream Culture Cream Nurture.

My tagline is "Do Utmost BEST For Greatest GOOD ~ Build Dream FUTURE NOW!"