barbara heffner

I am a 50 something retired grandmother. Due to unfortunate circumstances, (health problems) I'm no longer able to live next door to my daughter and son in-law in Dutchess County NY. They have 3 of my grandchildren. My other 2 grandchildren belong to my son and his wife who live close to Poukeepsie, NY. At this time, as I said I am living in a care and rehabilitation center in Danbury, CT. Danbury, is just over the border from Dutchess County. There is an excellent Mall here for shopping. We often brought the children for the free carosel located on the food court. The home I live in is not far from the Danbury Fair Mall. When I first had to come to live here about 3 years ago in nov. 2007, my grandchildren were quite young. Now the oldest is 11 and will go into middle school in Sept. his sisters are 9 and 5 respectivly. The other 2 grandchildren are ages 6, going into 1st grade in Sept. and 3 years old starting pre school in Sept. I am so proud and so in love with each and everyone of them.