Grand Master Linekin

Grandmaster Linekin is a 10th Degree Black Belt in Integrated Martial Arts Kenpo Karate System, 10th Degree Black Belt in the Chuan-Fa Kenpo Karate System, 6th Degree Black Belt in the World Kenpo Karate System. Grand Master of the White Tiger Tai Chi, Master Black Belt in Daito Ryu Aiki Ju-Jitsu and Phan-Ku Ju-Jitsu, Founder and Grand Master of the Combined Matrial Arts System, Trained Extensively in Arnis and Ascrima Filipino Stick Fighting. Former Vice President of the World Kenpo Karate Association, Former Corporate Vice President of Adams Karate and Head Instructor. Grand Master of the Year for the "Legends and Pioneers of the Martials Arts" Hall Of Fame. Tai Chi Grand Master of the Year for the Soke Council, Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Currently Instructing Students at the Academy of the Martial Arts located in San Diego, Calif. and at UCSD. Teaching Tai Chi Classes for Seniors and Womens' Self Defense as a Certified Instructor for the "Just Yell Fire" Program.

Grand Master Linekin can be found (online) or at the Academy. NEW STUDENTS WELCOME! Phone: 619-733-6260. 9825 Carrol Centre Rd, Suite 400. San DIego, 92126