Grand Solmar Vacation Club

Grand Solmar Vacation Club in the United States

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Grand Solmar Vacation Club is an exclusive vacation ownership opportunity offered by Solmar Resorts. Vacation ownership, private residence opportunities are available to discerning buyers. With a long history of luxury developments in Cabo San Lucas, Solmar Resorts is one of the largest developers in Los Cabos! With exciting new developments on the Pacific coast being developed, there are exciting opportunities being created by this luxury resort developer.

The Grand Solmar Vacation Club truly is the epitome of luxury vacation ownership. The resort features sprawling suites with resort and ocean views and world-class amenities. On-site amenities include five-star dining, infinity pools, beachfront spa cabanas and so much more. Members of Grand Solmar Vacation Club have one of the world’s best vacation destinations at their disposal and a resort that truly makes for amazing vacation memories!

Grand Solmar Vacation Club, a top provider of vacation accommodations, prides themselves on constantly finding ways to inform clients of travel safety. One of the most prominent ways we do this is by educating members on current travel scams and issues that travelers have been having while visiting locations around the globe this summer. In fact, the Grand Solmar Vacation Club prevention team hopes to make all those out there aware of some of these problems, which are happening more and more frequently.

Thieves hang out on busy tourist areas where they know there are long red lights. They look around, hoping to find rental cars and look inside to spot any valuables. While you are simply minding your own business or are distracted thinking about driving to your next destination, they will break your window and grab your laptop or purse. The best way to avoid this is to keep anything valuable in the trunk and to stay aware of your surroundings.

Grand Solmar Vacations Club prevention team knows that many travelers use public transportation to avoid paying high rental car costs, but it’s important to stay aware while riding around. The truth is, pickpockets (usually working in groups) scope out the scene, hoping for a tourist that will be distracted and put their camera on the seat or their wallet in their back pocket. One will cause a disturbance in the back of the bus, while the others take your valuable. The best advice is to never store your wallet in your pocket, and store any valuables on your lap or between your legs.