Grandview Clydesdales


Located in northern Indiana, Grandview Clydesdales at any one time has 50 Clydesdale horses in its care. Affiliated with the USA and Canadian Clydesdale Associations, Grandview has 30+years of experience in raising Clydesdales. As a hay farm, it handles the growth, harvest, and sale of hay. The horse-breeding staff of Grandview Clydesdales manages breeding schedules and artificial insemination and is involved in the horses’ daily care. Throughout its history, the company has bought and sold more than 500 head of Clydesdales.

Featuring a 65-box stable with outside runs and pastures, Grandview Clydesdales recognizes the importance of regular and preventive veterinary health care. The farm has a full-time animal health technologist who performs regular check-ups and deworming. Professional farriers regularly visit the facility to treat the horses’ hooves and shoe them. The company also hires a horse chiropractor to adjust the animals’ backs during shows and on a regular basis. Along with the hay, the horses eat fresh timothy, alfalfa, and orchard grass, based on a special diet developed by a nutritionist from Kent Feeds. This dedication to animal health has earned Grandview Clydesdales honors such as the North American Six-Horse Hitch Classic Series Championship, and many breeding Championships.