Sophia Granger

In your dreams

Who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell.... Just kidding! I'm not Gossip Girl. And neither am I Sophia Granger. Sophia is my favorite name and Granger is the last name of my favorite Harry Potter character. In the world of Youtube, online stalkers, obsessive girls taking duck face pictures, and mean comments, I can't afford to let anyone know what my real name is.

But I do have brown hair and brown eyes like Hermoine and seeing from my background, you would know that I attend the fabulous University of Central Florida! Just finished my first year in college, still 18 (birthday in August, whoot!), and juggling the life of a Biomedical Science major. I am the daughter of a shopaholic mother and a sports crazed father, living my near nineteen years with a teenage brother going through the "I'm so cool" phase, and the youngest brother busy making me wish I was still a kid.

High school was a crazy ride and it wasn't the best of memories. I made friends but I felt like I was trapped which is why I decided to attend a college which wasn't entirely so far from home but close enough for my parents to visit ocassionally.

I absolutely love watching TV shows whether it's typical teen drama, medical-related soap operas, or crime investigation. I adore cats, dogs... basically any animal that looks cute as a baby except snakes. Oh dear god, snakes can just burn. I absolutely and completely terrified of them.

But of course my friends have pulled the "rubber snake" prank which have caused me to tear a bit (Stay strong, Sophia.. stay strong). Speaking of my friends, I am the most social and outgoing person that I know of. I think that's one of my valuable features because that's how I've learned to make friends and be able to get involved on campus. I'm crazy and wild but I have my chill moments too.

Hmm... what else? I played volleyball through out middle school and half of high school but unfortunately stopped. I come from an athletic family so I've played nearly every sport before.

Lastly, I'm a private person on the internet. I do have a facebook, an instagram, a twitter, a vine, and anything else except Tumblr or Pinterest. Those two suck (sorry not sorry) but I don't like giving them away unless I know you for sure! Sorry for not wanting to be kidnapped in the middle of the night. Or day time since I've watched Taken and too bad, my dad's not Liam Neeson. I need to protect myself, world!

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